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Buying Property in Prague Made Easy

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At Urban Address we have extensive know-how in investing in real estate in Prague.
We offer an unbiased, straight-talking, professional and personalized service, always understanding and putting the needs of our clients first.

Irena Economou

The Founder

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My name is Irena Economou, and I am the founder of Urban Address Prague. I am Czech, born and raised in Prague, and I lived with my family as an expat in numerous countries across Asia and Europe.

During my years abroad, my husband and I often considered buying property in the country we were living. But after looking into making a purchase we realized it was a daunting task. We were discouraged by not having enough understanding of the local market and not feeling confident in relying on the real estate agent whose main goal was to sell their client’s property at the highest price to maximize their commission. What we wanted was experienced and unbiased help motivated to protect our best interests.
We found that real estate agents would often promote just their own stock of properties rather than offering wider access to the full market. More importantly, after the sale of the house, the agent would often not support the purchasers with the required paperwork to complete the whole transaction.

Since 2012, I have relocated with my family back to Prague, where I have been actively investing in real estate. I have purchased, renovated and successfully rented a number of properties across the city.
Living within an expat community in Prague while being married to a foreigner and having children in an international school, I have shared my experiences and know how with other expats and friends who have reached out for help in buying a property.

This provided me with the inspiration for Urban Address, and now I can help you too!