Buying Property in Prague Made Easy

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• We present a number of potential properties in line with your brief, including a financial analysis so you understand financial impact of your investment

• Based on your evaluation, we view the properties you like the best, either with you or on your behalf

• After the viewing we send you a report listing the pros and cons of the property with photos and/or a video. We give you a description of the neighbourhood and public transport availability. Taking into consideration all aspects, we then provide a recommendation of the property

• Once you’ve chosen the property you want to buy, we help you make the offer and negotiate the asking price

• We then guide you in the process of signing a reservation and buying contract

• We translate all the documents into English to make sure you fully understand the contract

• We provide support in registering the property in the Cadastral office under your name, confirming you as the owner

• We also assist you in completing the annual property tax registration

• We help insure your property

• And we also help you set up all facilities accounts and register with the Owners Association (SVJ) and ensure that you receive Service statement including all utility and common monthly fees (Evidenční list)

Basic Plan Cost

3% of the final property price.