Buying Property in Prague Made Easy

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Our free no-obligation consultation is where you can get to know us and we can get to know you. We will explain in detail how we work and the services we can offer you.

A detailed brief will be completed together with you and this will assist us in finding you your perfect property. So whether you want to purchase a home in Prague or buy an apartment as a holiday let, our services are tailored to suit your needs.

Basic Plan
We find the right property for you and assist you in all steps of the process from property search, through all the necessary contracts, all the way to registering you as an owner and filing the tax report
Premium Plan
This features everything in the Basic Plan but we will also help you with financing your property with a mortgage. We liaise with the bank in all matters, help you open a Czech bank account and take the stress out of the situation for you.
Additional Services
Would you like your property renovated? Need help finding a tenant? We can do that too! By working closely with various building companies we can help you plan and build your dream home. Plus we can assist with interior design and finding you a tenant.


Buying Property in Prague Made Easy

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We present a number of potential properties in line with your brief, including a financial analysis so you understand the financial impact of your investment

• Based on your evaluation, we view the properties you like the best, either with you or on your behalf

• After the viewing we send you a report listing the pros and cons of the property with photos and/or a video. We give you a description of the neighborhood and public transport availability. Taking into consideration all aspects, we then provide a recommendation of the property

• Once you’ve chosen the property you want to buy, we help you make the offer and negotiate the asking price

• We then guide you in the process of signing a reservation and buying contract

• We translate all the documents into English to make sure you fully understand the contract

• We provide support in registering the property in the Cadastral office under your name, confirming you as the owner

• We also assist you in completing the annual property tax registration

• We help insure your property

• And we also help you set up all facilities accounts and register with the Owners Association (SVJ) and ensure that you receive Service statement including all utility and common monthly fees (Evidenční list)


Buying Property in Prague Made Easy

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This plan features everything in the basic plan but also helps you with financing your property with a mortgage. This includes:

• Getting you two mortgage offers that meet your needs

• Liaising with the bank in all matters, taking the stress out of the situation for you

• Assisting you in collecting and submitting all documents needed for mortgage approval

• Translating all documents for you into English if needed

• Assisting you when signing all mortgage documents

• Helping you open a Czech bank account

Renovation of your property

• We recommend you a reputable building company and estimates for the property renovation

• We provide you with kitchen and bathroom plans and recommendations of all materials needed

• We work closely with the building company to make sure the work is carried out exactly as requested


Finding a tenant

There is a variety of options when looking for a tenant for your investment property.

Real Estate Agency:
When using a real estate agency you typically pay the equivalent of one month’s rent which includes finding a tenant and rental contract. Once you have a tenant in your property, it is your responsibility to liaise with the tenant to ensure the financial arrangements are properly followed. In case there is any issue, you need to sort it out by yourself.

Subletting Agency:
If you sublet your property, you will be charged approximately 15 per cent of your monthly rent. However, the subletting agency takes a full responsibility and pays you the rent whether the property is occupied or empty or, indeed, if the tenant pays them or not. They manage your property, send you reports and photos annually, and return the property to you at the end of the contract period in the same condition as it was at the beginning. They cover all minor repairs; you are financially responsible only for issues costing above 2.000 Czk, but all this is handled by the Subletting Agency.

Urban Address:
If you are unable to contact any agencies yourself, we can assist you in finding a tenant by contacting agencies of your choice and arranging all necessary viewings, contracts and documents with all parties.

Interior Design

Our interior designer can provide you with an interior design proposal based on your needs.

We can provide you with either “mood boards” suggesting colour schemes and furniture & decoration styles, or we can also give you a list of specific items including prices.

We can even take care of the purchase, delivery and assembly of furniture and decorations.


Buying Property in Prague Made Easy

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