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Buying Property in Prague Made Easy

At Urban Address we offer a comprehensive range of real estate service to assist expats and foreigners wishing to buy a home or invest in residential property in Prague, Czech Republic.

With our expert local knowledge of the Prague property market, we assist our clients through every step of the process; from identifying the right property for you to negotiating and managing the purchase, helping with financing options and associated paperwork along the way. We can even manage and oversee the refurbishment of your property with our contacts in various building companies. Plus our interior designer can help with the finishing touches and we can find you tenants.

We aim to give you a worry-free property buying journey.


We take care of everything!

Perhaps you live or work in Prague and want to buy a property as a home or an investment in this beautiful city?

Maybe you previously lived in Prague, but currently reside outside of the Czech Republic and want a property as a holiday home in this iconic location?

It’s hard to know where to start with real estate investment especially in a foreign country or when you live elsewhere. Whatever your needs, we will find the right place for you. Our deep knowledge and extensive experience of the Prague real estate market allows us to guide you carefully through every step of the process.

Urban Address Prague


Easy property investment

Urban Address offers a full property service to expats and foreigners who want to buy in Prague, Czech Republic.

We appreciate buying a property in a foreign country is a daunting process where you may not fully understand how things work, let alone speak the language.

We assist you through all the steps in purchasing a property, making sure your needs and expectations are fully met, whilst providing you peace of mind.

In particular, we love finding properties in need of updating which we believe can offer the best value to our clients. We can manage the entire renovation process. Our interior designer can help with any design ideas, and if you intent to let the property we can also help find tenants.

We take care of every step whether you live in Prague or not.

Urban Address Prague
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Read what our clients have to say

I can enjoy my new apartment knowing that every aspect of my purchase is well taken care of. Thank you Irena and Urban Address Prague!

When I moved from Czech Republic to the USA more than 25 years ago I knew it would be smart to buy an apartment in Prague. The distance, lack of time and poor understanding of the ever-changing real estate market was overwhelming. I discovered Urban Address Prague only a few months ago and I’m already a very happy owner of a beautiful apartment in my favourite neighbourhood. The whole process was unexpectedly easy thanks to Irena’s professional and efficient approach. Irena understood exactly what I was looking for and worked fast and hard to find the right place for the right price. She managed the process of buying, remodelling and handling all the paperwork with attention to detail and was always ready to answer all of my questions and take care of all of my needs. I can enjoy my new apartment knowing that every aspect of my purchase is well taken care of. Thank you Irena and Urban Address Prague!



Thanks again Irena – your services are priceless.

I was impressed with the speed of execution and Irena’s attention to details. I could not even dream to do this remotely but with Irena’s help it’s as if I was there with every step of the way. Her willingness to help and advice throughout every step is absolutely great. Her reports are fantastic and really give you an inside scoop of the neighbourhood to give you a great feeling of the potential of the property you are buying. I particularly appreciated the written visit reports with photos, description of the apartment as well as of the neighbourhood and of course her advice regarding the potential future increase in value. So, if you’re looking for an agent who’s efficient and business minded as well as knowledgeable in real estate matters in Czech Republic, look no further, you found her! Thanks again Irena – your services are priceless.

Lenka K.


I am the proud owner of a pristine apartment!

Two long years I’ve tried to acquire property in Prague on my own, battling with the barriers of distance, language, regulations, knowledge of the city as well as the Czech banking system. On my own because I was hoping to save the agent’s fees and also was afraid to get one given the alarming stories I heard. Needless to say, I failed and was about to give up when I heard of Urban Address Prague and decided to contact them, to give it one last shot. Irena gave structure to my search, took care of the visits and reported to me with her own photos, descriptions and most valuably, her opinion as a pro of the apartment’s present value and prospects. Three months later with her help, I purchased an apartment and she supervised the bank mortgage granting process and the reconstruction – five months later, I was the proud owner of a pristine apartment. So if you value a professional service and a clear cut offer without hidden costs, look no further, you found it.

Andreas E.

The Netherlands

Really Great!

For years we searched ourselves for an apartment in Prague with no results. Between the language barrier, the lack of actionable information and the traveling costs it was impossible to get anything. We decided to work with Irena and never looked back. Within a few months, we found an apartment and with Irena’s help, we bought it. She stood by us throughout the full process and finally voilà, our own apartment in Prague. Her professionalism and dedication are next to none. My only regret is that we didn’t meet her earlier, at the beginning of the search process as it would have saved me a substantial amount of money and nerves.

Søren B.


Stress-Free Property Buying – Thanks to Urban Address

Finding the perfect property in Prague felt like navigating a maze, until I found Urban Address. Their local expertise and comprehensive support made the entire process smooth and stress-free. They truly listened to my needs and helped me find a beautiful apartment in the perfect neighborhood. From dealing with paperwork to recommending reliable contractors, they handled everything seamlessly. I highly recommend Urban Address to anyone looking to buy property in Prague!



WOW – Just WOW

I have seldom come across  such high level of service . This is amazing, I cannot recommend Irena enough. Trust me , you wont be disappointed. 


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