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Guide to Leisure Activities in Prague: Parks, Festivals, and Fun

Your Guide to Leisure Activities in Prague: Parks, Festivals, and Fun

Dive in and explore the guide of leisure activities in Prague, because Prague isn’t just about mediaeval charm and Gothic architecture; it’s a vibrant city brimming with leisure activities for every taste. Whether you crave a peaceful escape amidst nature, an adrenaline-pumping adventure, or a cultural immersion, Prague has something to offer. So, lace up your walking shoes, grab your picnic basket, or dust off your bike – it’s time to explore Prague’s hidden leisure gems!

Parks and Gardens

  • Letná Park

    Spread out on the lush green lawns and soak in breathtaking panoramic views of the city. After exploring, grab a refreshing drink at the beer garden, a perfect way to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

  • Stromovka Park

    Rent a bike and explore this expansive park, a favourite among locals. With playgrounds, bike paths, and even a horse racing track, Stromovka offers something for everyone.

  • Petřín Hill

    Hike or take the funicular railway to the top for stunning panoramic views. Climb the Petřín Lookout Tower, a miniature replica of the Eiffel Tower.

  • Šárka Valley

    Escape the city bustle and discover hidden walking and biking trails. Challenge yourself with rock climbing or catch a concert at the natural amphitheatre.

  • Riegrovy Sady (Rieger Gardens)

    Immerse yourself in the beauty of rose gardens in full bloom during summer. Art Nouveau architecture and a peaceful atmosphere make this park a haven for relaxation.

  • Havlíčkovy Sady (Grébovka)

    Explore Italian Renaissance-inspired gardens with lush greenery, ponds, and a charming grotto. Enjoy panoramic city views from the vineyards or unwind at a historical villa.

  • Hvězda Gardens

    Sprawling gardens with a summer palace and a deer enclosure offer a tranquil escape.

  • Ladronka

    A park popular for running, rollerblading and picnicking nearby the Castle.

Beyond the Parks

  • Prague Zoo

    Considered one of the best in the world, Prague Zoo offers a chance to explore diverse habitats and witness fascinating animal encounters.

  • Prague Botanical Garden

    Prague Botanical Garden – Immerse yourself in a world of flora from around the globe, featuring themed gardens and a greenhouse bursting with tropical wonder.

  • Concert Halls and Theatres

    Catch a classical music performance, be captivated by a ballet or opera, or enjoy a contemporary play at one of Prague’s many theatres.

Vltava River Activities:

The mighty Vltava River, snaking through the heart of Prague, offers a variety of recreational opportunities. Take a scenic cruise and admire the city’s iconic bridges and historical landmarks from a different perspective. Rent a kayak or paddleboard for an active exploration of the river, or simply relax by the riverside with a refreshing drink and soak in the vibrant atmosphere. Several companies offer pedal boat rentals, perfect for a leisurely exploration with friends or family.

Concert Halls and Theatres

Prague’s thriving cultural scene offers a diverse range of options. Catch a classical music performance at the prestigious Rudolfinum, be captivated by a ballet or opera at the magnificent National Theatre or State Opera, or enjoy a contemporary play at one of the many smaller theatres scattered throughout the city.

Festivals and Events

Throughout the year, Prague comes alive with vibrant festivals and events. From the festive Christmas markets illuminating the Old Town Square with their twinkling lights and delightful aromas to the Prague Spring International Music Festival celebrating classical music, there’s always something to experience. The city also hosts modern music festivals like Metronome and United Islands, featuring popular music artists from various genres of music. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see your favourite pop and rock stars perform live at venues like the massive O2 Arena or the modern Forum Karlín. During the summer months, open-air concerts transform locations like Letňany and Slavia Stadium into vibrant music stages.

Festive Markets

Prague’s markets come alive throughout the year. Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas with festive markets popping up across the city. Sip on a steaming mug of mulled wine, browse through stalls overflowing with traditional crafts and ornaments, and soak up the cheerful atmosphere. During Easter, vibrant markets offer colourful hand-painted eggs, traditional Easter treats, and a festive spirit.

Summer Nights Under the Stars

As the sun sets and the days lengthen, Prague transforms into a city abuzz with outdoor activities. Embrace the balmy summer evenings with open-air cinema screenings. Dotted around the city, parks like Kampa and gardens like Kinský Gardens become magical venues for movie nights under the stars. Pack a picnic basket, grab a blanket, and settle in for a unique cinematic experience.

Winter Wonderland

When winter paints the city white, Prague transforms into a wonderland. Lace up your skates and glide across an open-air rink in the heart of Old Town Square, surrounded by the festive Christmas market illuminations. Numerous indoor rinks offer a chance to perfect your pirouettes regardless of the weather.


This guide to leisure activities in Prague extends far beyond this list. Explore farmers’ markets brimming with local produce and handmade crafts, unwind at a traditional Czech pub with a frothy mug of beer and hearty food, or take a walking tour to uncover hidden historical gems and charming neighbourhoods. The city encourages an active lifestyle – rent a bike and explore charming neighbourhoods along the river or through the castle district, join a yoga class in a park, or participate in a running group exploring the city’s scenic routes. Running, cycling, and rollerblading are popular activities along the Vltava River and in the many parks throughout the city.

Further to this guide to leisure activities in Prague, below is a list of some of the key festivals and holidays that reoccur every year:

Annual Events and Holidays


    • New Year’s Celebrations

      Prague rings in the new year with festive lights, fireworks displays, and lively celebrations across the city.

    • Jan 16th – Anniversary of Jan Palach’s Death

      Commemorations are held at Prague’s Wenceslas Square, remembering the student who self-immolated in protest against the Soviet invasion in 1968.


    • Prague Carnival (Bohemian Carnevale)

      Immerse yourself in a masked ball and a vibrant parade reminiscent of medieval times. (End of February/Beginning of March)

    • Prague Short Film Festival

      This international festival showcases a diverse selection of short films from around the world.


    • One World International Human Rights Film Festival

      This thought-provoking festival screens documentaries and feature films focusing on human rights issues.


    • Easter Weekend

      Prague’s markets come alive with Easter decorations and traditional treats. Public processions and religious services mark the occasion. (Public holiday Friday to Monday)

    • Czech Witch-Burning Festival (pálení čarodějnic)

      Bonfires and lively celebrations mark this traditional spring festival held on the last night of April.


    • May 1st (Labour Day)

      A public holiday in the Czech Republic, typically a day to relax and enjoy parades or cultural events.

    • May Celebrations (Majales)

      Celebrate spring with parades, cultural events, and a festive atmosphere throughout Prague. 

    • May 8th (Victory Day)

      A public holiday marking the end of World War II in Europe. There may be parades or commemorative events.

    • United Islands Festival

      A free, multi-genre music extravaganza held in early May. It showcases up-and-coming artists from the Czech Republic and abroad, transforming various islands and locations across the city into vibrant festival hubs.

    • Prague Fringe Festival

      This independent theatre festival features a diverse program of performances by local and international artists.

    •  The Prague Spring International Music Festival

      Held annually in May and June, is the Czech Republic’s premier classical music event. It features renowned orchestras, conductors, and soloists performing in prestigious concert halls throughout Prague.

    • Arena Festival

      Prague’s Open-air celebration of theatre, circus arts, music, and contemporary performance. Held annually in May or June, it features a mix of international and local artists, with shows under tents, on a football field, and even a docked theatre ship.


  • Children’s Day

    Celebrated on the first Sunday of June with family-friendly events and activities throughout the city.

  • Prague’s Metronome Festival

    A major music and arts event held annually in June. It features a mix of established and upcoming international and Czech artists across various genres, with open-air concerts on several stages spread across the Prague Exhibition Grounds.

  • Prague Open Air

    is a summer concert series sprawling from June to September. It features a diverse line-up of popular Czech and international artists performing open-air at the scenic locations of Občanská plovárna and Ledárny Braník.


  • 5th & 6th July: National Holidays

    • Cyril and Methodius Day

      Celebrates the arrival of Saints Cyril and Methodius, who brought Christianity to the Slavic people.

    • Jan Hus Day

      Honours the religious reformer Jan Hus, burned at the stake for his beliefs.


  • Letní Letná

    A summer festival transforming Letná Park into a vibrant hub with food stalls, live music, and entertainment for all ages. 

  • Prague International Organ Festival

    A prestigious music festival showcasing renowned organists performing in beautiful churches across Prague.


  • Prague International Film Festival

    This renowned festival screens a diverse selection of international and Czech films. 

  • Prague Fringe Festival (Autumn Edition)

    A platform for independent and alternative theatre productions. 

  • September 28th: National Holiday (St. Wenceslas Day)

    Celebrates the patron saint of the Czech Republic with religious services, cultural events, and sometimes military parades.

  • Pražský  podzim (Prague Autumn)

    A prestigious international festival dedicated to classical music. Renowned orchestras, conductors, and soloists grace the stages of prestigious concert halls, making it a highlight for classical music lovers.


  • Signal Festival

    This international festival of light art transforms iconic landmarks and hidden corners of the city into a mesmerizing display of light installations, video projections, and interactive art experiences. 

  • International Jazz Festival

    This festival brings together renowned jazz musicians from around the world for a celebration of this musical genre. 

  • Prague Sounds

    A vibrant international music festival known for its eclecticism. It showcases a wide range of genres, from classical and jazz to contemporary and electronic music, across various venues throughout the city.

  • October 28th: National Holiday (Czechoslovak Independence Day)

    Commemorates the founding of Czechoslovakia in 1918. Festivities may include cultural events and parades.


  • Festival of Remembrance

    Held around November 11th, this festival commemorates the end of World War I.

  • November 17th: National Holiday (Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day)

    Celebrates the Velvet Revolution that ended communist rule in Czechoslovakia in 1989. This day features big celebrations throughout the city, including concerts for the public.

  • St. Martin’s Feast

    Celebrate the end of the agricultural year with a traditional feast featuring roast goose and St. Martin’s young wine (Czech Beaujolais Nuovo).

  • Christmas Market Openings

    The magical Christmas markets begin to appear in late November (the first Advent), transforming Prague’s Old Town Square and other locations into festive wonderlands.


  • Christmas Markets

    Throughout December, explore the enchanting Christmas markets with their twinkling lights, festive decorations, traditional crafts, and delicious treats.

  • St. Nicholas Day (December 5th)

    Mikuláš (St. Nicholas) and angel rewarding good kids with treats, while čert (the Devil) playfully threatens the naughty ones with a lump of coal (or a potato!). It’s a fun tradition marking the start of the festive season.

  • Štědrý den (Generous Day) – December 24th

    Christmas Eve is the main celebratory day in the Czech Republic, with a traditional dinner, family gatherings and gift-giving.

  • Christmas Holidays (December 25th & 26th)

    After the modest Christmas Eve dinner, Czechs celebrate with hearty meals, inviting friends and extended family.

  • New Year’s Eve Celebrations

    Prague rings in the new year with festive lights, fireworks displays, and lively celebrations across the city.

This guide to leisure activities in Prague provides a glimpse into the vibrant annual events and holidays that bring Prague to life throughout the year. So, plan your trip around a specific event or simply come ready to discover the city’s unique charm and ever-present festive spirit!

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