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Healthcare in the Czech Republic

Healthcare in the Czech Republic

Embarking on a new chapter of life in Prague comes with a myriad of exciting adventures? Ensuring your health and well-being is paramount. The Czech healthcare system belongs to the top healthcare systems in the world.  Moreover, it offers comprehensive coverage not only to its residents but also  to expatriates settling in Czechia. Indeed, understanding the healthcare system in the Czech Republic is essential for expatriates settling into this vibrant city. Below, in this guide, we’ll explore the healthcare landscape in Prague. Furthermore, we will cover everything from accessing medical services to navigating insurance options.

Public Healthcare System

The Czech Republic boasts a universal healthcare system that provides comprehensive coverage to its residents, including expatriates living in Prague. The public healthcare system is funded through mandatory health insurance contributions. It provides access to primary care physicians, specialists, hospitals, and emergency services. Expatriates employed in the Czech Republic are typically enrolled in the public health insurance system through their employer, with contributions deducted from their salary.

Accessing Medical Services

Prague is home to a network of medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and private practices, offering a wide range of medical services. Start by registering with a general practitioner (GP) or family doctor, known as “praktický lékař” in Czech. Your GP serves as your primary point of contact for non-emergency healthcare needs. He can refer you to specialists or hospitals as needed.

Hospitals and Emergency Care

Prague boasts several reputable hospitals equipped with modern facilities and highly trained medical professionals. In case of emergencies, expatriates can seek immediate medical attention at one of Prague’s emergency departments “pohotovost”. The emergency hotline in the Czech Republic is 112, which connects you to emergency services, including ambulance services, fire brigade, and police or 155 specifically for ambulances.

Private Healthcare Options

In addition to the public healthcare system, Prague offers a variety of private healthcare options for those seeking more personalised care or expedited services. Private hospitals and clinics in Prague provide a range of medical specialties, diagnostic tests, and elective procedures. While private healthcare services may come at a higher cost, they offer shorter wait times. And English-speaking staff, and a higher level of comfort and convenience.

Health Insurance for Expats

Expatriates living in Prague have the option to purchase private health insurance to supplement their coverage. It also provides additional benefits not offered by the public system. In addition, Private health insurance plans in Prague often include perks such as access to a broader network of providers, coverage for elective procedures, and enhanced customer service. However, before purchasing health insurance, carefully review the coverage options, exclusions, and premiums to ensure that the plan meets your needs.

Pharmacies and Prescription Medications

Pharmacies, known as “lékárna” in Czech, are readily available throughout Prague, offering prescription medications, over-the-counter remedies, and healthcare products. And pharmacists in Prague are highly knowledgeable and can provide guidance on medication usage, dosage, and potential side effects. Of course, pharmacies in the Czech Republic operate during regular business hours, with some offering extended hours or 24-hour service.


In conclusion, navigating the healthcare system in Prague as an expatriate may seem daunting at first, but with the right information and resources, you can access quality medical care and ensure your well-being while living in this beautiful city. Whether you choose to utilise the public healthcare system, seek care from private providers, or supplement your coverage with private health insurance, Prague offers a range of options to meet your healthcare needs.

In summary, prioritise your health, stay informed, and don’t hesitate to seek assistance from healthcare professionals or expatriate support services if needed. With proper planning and proactive healthcare management, you can enjoy a fulfilling and healthy life in Prague. 

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